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Thursday, March 08, 2012

cloud yapiya neden gecmedik

Gecen gun Roy ile birlikte CLOCODILE calistayinda bir konusma yaptik, konusmada neden cloud'a gecmemek gerekebilir diye aldigim bir kisim not asagida (notlar ingilizce oldugu icin kusura bakmayin sunum ingilizceydi e turkceye cevireyim dersem bloga asla koymayacagimi farkettim, ingilizce de olsa koyuyorum)

haa bu arada asla gecmeyecegiz diye bir planimiz da yok, openstack gibi projeleri denemek icin laboratuar kurma girisimindeyiz.

Why not to migrate to cloud:

pay less:
* cloud is expensive if you dont use its cloud features:
** no purchase needed for machines and side-products and less expense for buyers or other needed stuff
** less sysadmin
** scales automatically if needed
** automatic deployment
** less idle machines of our own (special days)

* migration of existing systems could need extensive effort.
* every saas should comes with many advanced features and takes some from
you, (user auth. mechanism)

procedure/experience changes:
* if you already have your own system high optimised, why do you need to change it, it is expensive to migrate
* if you have mature policies about your system management and you have sufficient personnel it could be preferred to stay out of cloud
* if you already have extensive experiencesolutions about existing problems, cloud comes with everything new to resolve

* every problem in your provider, affects you (google ip addresses blocked)
* If you are doing boutique bussiness, every customer have different needs so they want their special cloud like thing, cloud is not that small
* contracts with old customers prevent you to swith to cloud


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